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BVI Company Members – Season 2018 – 2019

Delia Allen, Sarah Gantt, Juliet Lancey, Kaleigh Miller, Sarah Phillips, Ava VanHecke, Clara DeVito, Lauryn Hedelund, Sofia Romulo, Sarah Wilkinson, Jack Allen, Gus Perrotti, Quinn Danehy, Olivia Hennessy, Camilla Howard, Asia Parham, Leah Trimble, Katherine Shillito, Ema Amuial, Abbigail Siebert

BVI Company Members – Season 2017 – 2018

From left to right: Sarah Gantt,  Katherine Stauch, Delia Allen,  Nicole Arsenault, Lily Hendrickson,  Kaleigh Miller, Sarah Blais,  Gianna Coco, Katherine Shillito, Sophie Cox, Leo Ameika, Sarah Phillips, Cameron Wilkins, Quinn Danehy, Emma Barnett, Camilla Howard,  Eliza Dixon, Asia Parham, Leah Trimble Olivia Hennessy, Juliet Lancey, Kyra Coco and Ava VanHecke

The Ballet Virginia International Company is the final tier of the professional program. Acceptance into the Ballet Virginia International company is by audition only. Each dancer receives up to 23 hours per week of concentrated training that includes technique classes and rehearsals. Additional master level and elective courses are offered to create a versatile yet classical ballet dancer.

The Ballet Virginia International Company dancers are the corps de ballet of all Ballet Virginia International’s productions. Company dancers often progress to the soloist and principal levels in productions which give them the experience needed for a professional career.

This program is designed for the serious dancer age 12 to 20 whose goals include a professional career in dance or acceptance to a major College or University dance program.

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